Should You Use Animated Video On Your Salespage?

I wanted to make a very quick rant for you today because I had a question come through from a customer yesterday and the question was this ‘what kind of video should be on my sales page?’ “I really like those whiteboard animation Videos” (you can see what they look like here).

Okay so i have a personal feel about these videos for your salesletters. I think they’re very cool but at the same time they’re getting so popular and everybody’s doing them. I’m noticing that businesses are actually just using white board animation because they see somebody else using them. They see joe shmoe over here in his business that he’s using it so man I should really use it for my own business. I call this video peer pressure… well what i want to tell you is you gotta put on the brakes there because the problem is that you don’t know if this video is actually going to give you a return on investment.

So let’s take software has an example. A software company that uses only animation to describe what their business does is losing all the aspects of how-to in the business . When people come to the site they want to know how to use it not just what it does. I find a lot of software companies just do the animation without showing the how-to¬† or “over the shoulder” screen capture that really helps people understand if an and how easy it.

It’s easy to use an application if you are a software company or any company that doesn’t just follow pressure.

Think about how the application is going to work for you and what your customers. And what those costumers need to understand about your business and is animation the right way to show it?

I’m not saying animation is wrong, in fact i have many videos that are animated sales videos. But in my opinion having this kind global or universal outlook on your video content is a better wait to go. Use animation, yes , but also use face time videos…especially if you are branding yourself as your company. You’re going to want to be in from of the camera and have a multi-layered video campaign that shows a diverse level of content.

Whether it’s a video on your sales page or a testimonial page or our case study page, businesses are gonna do much better if they are transparent to their consumers. So instead of just say having an animated video which is fine think about having animated video, having a demo video, having some testimonial videos, having some case study videos, having videos about who you are and who the people that work for you are.

Think of your videos like a tapestry with all these different colors that all make sense together. That’s what video content should be. Getting multi-layered video inside that campaigns. So that was my rant for today.

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