Dogs need Care, Training and Companionship for good habits

Dogs have specific habits and most dogs will find it a hard time getting rid of their habits. Some habits are good for the whole breeds and some are specific to the particular dog. You need to groom good habits with help of treats that they love and then you will find those habits will bring changes to the psychology of the dog. The dogs often have habits to shout at strangers and they get irritated easily by the new people at home. You need to consult a groomer and try to bring in changes in this behavior by taking it out to walk and play with ball or with other dog toys and offer him yummy treats when they play with spirit.

This interaction with different people when they play makes them loose the habit to get irritated with people at home. They love to be around human and make friends with them. You need to make them habituated to different grooming tips. They need to bath every week with special non scented soap and water. This is part of the good habits that they need to make. They should get used to trimming of the coat and if the coat is very long, then he has to get it done often in summer while lesser time in winter. Contact a good dog trainer if your dog resists grooming.

They must also get used to using the toilet so that there is no messing of the floor at the house. They must get used to toilet training and this is a must habit that they need to pick up before they learn anything. You must train them when they are a puppy and rewards them profusely when they understand instruction and you need to punish when they do not follow. You can also appoint a groomer to get help from them in this matter. Your dog must be well toilet trained so as not to spread infection in the home.

You must also give it training to eat from its own bowl. They must not touch any other food that is there in any other bowl or plate. You can have more than one pet at home and this is essential to train them in this habit of taking food from his own bowl. He should not eat anything that may fall in the ground or eat some leftover of food, left by any family member in any place by mistake. The proper grooming of the dog and training of good habits are the only way you can enjoy your pet without getting irritated yourself and being frustrated over their way of living.

The dog needs a trimming of the nails and cleaning of wax from the ear at regular intervals. They need a regular checking up of paws for any dirt that may remain embedded after they get back from walk or run. They need brushing of the coat and shampooing them when they experience shedding of the fur. You can give him treats after each following of instruction and play and have fun with him to enjoy the companionship. He should have this confidence that you will always be there for him and protect him in any circumstances and he need to take up your instructions with seriousness.

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