Snookie Gives Credit To African Mango For Her Weight Loss

Celebrities always want to create a cloud of mystery around their lives. Even if most of their lives is public they always want to hold some part of their lives very confidentially especially concerning their health. Therefore when Snooki admitted to be on a diet plan everybody wanted to know what could have caused such drastic weight loss if at all she was not sick. She admitted using the african mango diet. Snooki said that her best friend JWOWW who had also had success with the african mango diet encouraged her to take it and the results were just unbelievable.

She also recommended the HCG diet program.  This diet plan worked by assuming her body was pregnant therefore altering some hormones in her body which suppressed her appetite to considerable level. However when taking the diet the user is strongly advised to take less than 500 calories in a single day, therefore it will still involve some little bit of dieting although not so much.

HCG diet is essentially a hormone from pregnant women and it works by cheating the body of a woman that it is pregnant.

It has no reported side effects, but being a delicate medication, users must always seek a doctor’s opinion when using it. Otherwise the HCG diet has been approved and recommended not just by celebrities like Snooki but even other ordinary people who have used it and seen its success. Even after ceasing its usage, the diet plan does not result in increased weight as most dieting supplements usually do.

The problem with HCG is that it has become so popular that it is very difficult to distinguish the original diet that work and the many fake ones that have flooded the market.

It was even featured on TV recently.  Check out this video:

All vendors selling the original HCG diets should have physical addresses posted on their websites and working telephone numbers to get in touch with their clients if they need to ask any question about the products they have bought. Buyers out looking for HCG diet plan are therefore cautioned to consult widely before buying from any unknown vendor especially over the internet.

The HCG diet is available on drops over internet stores but the injection version of it must be acquired from a qualified physician. Since the HCG diet works by affecting the hormonal balance in the body it is always wise to use it under a doctor’s guide to avoid future complications.

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