Need Some Help With A New Watch

Finding a new watch really isn’t easy. I’m not one of those people who is looking to spend thousands on a watch, although the thought of getting a vintage Omega Seamaster does appeal to me (if I had the money), but I want a decent watch that looks good, is easy to use and reliable.

Reliability is probably the most important thing to me, as I rely on my watch for all appointments and meetings. A watch I had in the past used to lose a minute or so every week it seemed, which doesn’t sound like a lot but makes a big difference if you forget to change it regularly! I could go for a digital watch, which probably wouldn’t have similar problems, but modern watches are much more reliable than the one I bought a while ago.

So what’s the point in this post?

The reason is that I wanted to get people’s opinions on how to choose a good analogue watch. How did you pick your watch? Where did you get it on? I’m thinking of just going in to the local jewelers and trying some on. I’m looking for a watch for around $200 so I don’t have much to spend, although it should be enough to get a decent watch that looks good (shouldn’t it?).

The other option is to buy online. I’m thinking of buying a watch from somewhere like Amazon, so I can see reviews of the watch and find out what other people have thought. The problem is I don’t always trust those reviews – anyone could have written them, including those selling and manufacturing the watches (maybe I’m just being very paranoid though).

Any tips would be appreciated! I’ll try to consolidate all the info I get into a big guide at some point.

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