Should You Use Animated Video On Your Salespage?

I wanted to make a very quick rant for you today because I had a question come through from a customer yesterday and the question was this ‘what kind of video should be on my sales page?’ “I really like those whiteboard animation Videos” (you can see what they look like here).

Okay so i have a personal feel about these videos for your salesletters. I think they’re very cool but at the same time they’re getting so popular and everybody’s doing them. I’m noticing that businesses are actually just using white board animation because they see somebody else using them. They see joe shmoe over here in his business that he’s using it so man I should really use it for my own business. I call this video peer pressure… well what i want to tell you is you gotta put on the brakes there because the problem is that you don’t know if this video is actually going to give you a return on investment.

So let’s take software has an example. A software company that uses only animation to describe what their business does is losing all the aspects of how-to in the business . When people come to the site they want to know how to use it not just what it does. I find a lot of software companies just do the animation without showing the how-to  or “over the shoulder” screen capture that really helps people understand if an and how easy it.

It’s easy to use an application if you are a software company or any company that doesn’t just follow pressure.

Think about how the application is going to work for you and what your customers. And what those costumers need to understand about your business and is animation the right way to show it?

I’m not saying animation is wrong, in fact i have many videos that are animated sales videos. But in my opinion having this kind global or universal outlook on your video content is a better wait to go. Use animation, yes , but also use face time videos…especially if you are branding yourself as your company. You’re going to want to be in from of the camera and have a multi-layered video campaign that shows a diverse level of content.

Whether it’s a video on your sales page or a testimonial page or our case study page, businesses are gonna do much better if they are transparent to their consumers. So instead of just say having an animated video which is fine think about having animated video, having a demo video, having some testimonial videos, having some case study videos, having videos about who you are and who the people that work for you are.

Think of your videos like a tapestry with all these different colors that all make sense together. That’s what video content should be. Getting multi-layered video inside that campaigns. So that was my rant for today.

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Dogs need Care, Training and Companionship for good habits

Dogs have specific habits and most dogs will find it a hard time getting rid of their habits. Some habits are good for the whole breeds and some are specific to the particular dog. You need to groom good habits with help of treats that they love and then you will find those habits will bring changes to the psychology of the dog. The dogs often have habits to shout at strangers and they get irritated easily by the new people at home. You need to consult a groomer and try to bring in changes in this behavior by taking it out to walk and play with ball or with other dog toys and offer him yummy treats when they play with spirit.

This interaction with different people when they play makes them loose the habit to get irritated with people at home. They love to be around human and make friends with them. You need to make them habituated to different grooming tips. They need to bath every week with special non scented soap and water. This is part of the good habits that they need to make. They should get used to trimming of the coat and if the coat is very long, then he has to get it done often in summer while lesser time in winter. Contact a good dog trainer if your dog resists grooming.

They must also get used to using the toilet so that there is no messing of the floor at the house. They must get used to toilet training and this is a must habit that they need to pick up before they learn anything. You must train them when they are a puppy and rewards them profusely when they understand instruction and you need to punish when they do not follow. You can also appoint a groomer to get help from them in this matter. Your dog must be well toilet trained so as not to spread infection in the home.

You must also give it training to eat from its own bowl. They must not touch any other food that is there in any other bowl or plate. You can have more than one pet at home and this is essential to train them in this habit of taking food from his own bowl. He should not eat anything that may fall in the ground or eat some leftover of food, left by any family member in any place by mistake. The proper grooming of the dog and training of good habits are the only way you can enjoy your pet without getting irritated yourself and being frustrated over their way of living.

The dog needs a trimming of the nails and cleaning of wax from the ear at regular intervals. They need a regular checking up of paws for any dirt that may remain embedded after they get back from walk or run. They need brushing of the coat and shampooing them when they experience shedding of the fur. You can give him treats after each following of instruction and play and have fun with him to enjoy the companionship. He should have this confidence that you will always be there for him and protect him in any circumstances and he need to take up your instructions with seriousness.

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Treating One with Sensa and Krill

More people these days are getting attracted to something called Sensa weight loss program. This is because they want to go for something which is simple and effective at the same time. Sensa is effective; there is no doubt about the fact. However, not all people have the same thing to say. This is a sort of diet supplement and when you having this you can take it along with a complete meal. Just sprinkle the supplement well over the foods and you can notice the difference in few months’ time. this one works with enhanced efficacy and you can really feel light after a few months.

As our schedules are tight and we don’t have much scope to do anything extra in life we are always in search for something simple and yet effective. Sensa weight loss supplement really fits well in this role. If not magic but it can really show the difference in few months’ time. You can surely feel that lightness from within. The supplement is available in dust crystal form which you can well sprinkle over the major food varieties. Once you start taking the supplement along with the meals you are made to feel absolutely full. Thus you tend to eat less and you can make your body starve for slimness. 

However, reducing weight should not be the single motto. Your overall target is to stay fit and healthy. For this you can turn to a kind of oil supplement and this is better known as Krill Oil. Krill makes up for the largest biomass on earth. It is absolutely concentrated and pure. When you are using the oil you can understand its health benefitting worth. This one is available in form of pills and capsules and once you swallow the magic starts working.

A regular and systematic intake of the Krill Oil can really make you feel the best. This oil gets into the blood fats and thus it gets well absorbed by the body. It is so effective that once you start having this oil you become resistant to so many types of diseases. Krill is a miraculous cure and it can really make you suffer less in life. Krills are in most cases unaffected by pollution and this is the reason you get the best out of them. They are the safest way of healing someone internally. No one can deny the factual significance of this real supplement and this is the reason it is the best in the genre. Click here to visit to learn more about Sensa and Krill oil.

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Snookie Gives Credit To African Mango For Her Weight Loss

Celebrities always want to create a cloud of mystery around their lives. Even if most of their lives is public they always want to hold some part of their lives very confidentially especially concerning their health. Therefore when Snooki admitted to be on a diet plan everybody wanted to know what could have caused such drastic weight loss if at all she was not sick. She admitted using the african mango diet. Snooki said that her best friend JWOWW who had also had success with the african mango diet encouraged her to take it and the results were just unbelievable.

She also recommended the HCG diet program.  This diet plan worked by assuming her body was pregnant therefore altering some hormones in her body which suppressed her appetite to considerable level. However when taking the diet the user is strongly advised to take less than 500 calories in a single day, therefore it will still involve some little bit of dieting although not so much.

HCG diet is essentially a hormone from pregnant women and it works by cheating the body of a woman that it is pregnant.

It has no reported side effects, but being a delicate medication, users must always seek a doctor’s opinion when using it. Otherwise the HCG diet has been approved and recommended not just by celebrities like Snooki but even other ordinary people who have used it and seen its success. Even after ceasing its usage, the diet plan does not result in increased weight as most dieting supplements usually do.

The problem with HCG is that it has become so popular that it is very difficult to distinguish the original diet that work and the many fake ones that have flooded the market.

It was even featured on TV recently.  Check out this video:

All vendors selling the original HCG diets should have physical addresses posted on their websites and working telephone numbers to get in touch with their clients if they need to ask any question about the products they have bought. Buyers out looking for HCG diet plan are therefore cautioned to consult widely before buying from any unknown vendor especially over the internet.

The HCG diet is available on drops over internet stores but the injection version of it must be acquired from a qualified physician. Since the HCG diet works by affecting the hormonal balance in the body it is always wise to use it under a doctor’s guide to avoid future complications.

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Recent Thoughts…

Facial exercises tend to be of excellent benefit to any or all people – people of just about all ages, and helps to produce a great, sleek, youthful, timeless face as well as skin. In this article, we will discuss some great exercises that have to do with the mouth and cheeks. You will discover, on utilizing these facial exercises frequently, that they will prevent as well as improve old and wrinkly lined mouth and covered sagging cheeks.

A sour mouth along with fine lines isn’t our concept of the “look” of the young as well as a vital individual. Sagging jowls or even cheeks might look fantastic on the bulldog, but not at all on people! Lifting them is the key.

When performing these workouts we really think that you perform them when you are by yourself, since you’ll constantly end up laughing should you and a buddy try this stuff together, as the actual faces that you’ll be making is going to be hilarious.

The face exercises ought to be done every day for a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks, and may then end up being scaled down to around three times per week.

If you’ve any health issues or anything like that, we highly recommend that a person discuss these types of exercises together with your medical practitioner before beginning them. The exercises are supposed to help you and shouldn’t cause any kind of pain – should you experience any kind of pain make sure you stop performing them as well as refer the problem to your own healthcare specialist.

Here I will present only detailed facial exercises that are for the lips as well as cheeks, but there are exercises for your entire face. After performing the exercises you will likely feel all of the muscles you have used.

For one lip exercise, sit up and purse together the lips and then lift them up to your nose. Keep them there for at least five seconds, then relax. Then repeat that at least 10 times.

For the cheeks exercise, first you smile. But make the smile a very relaxed type of smile, with your lips sealed. Then suck the cheeks in towards the teeth. Hold this for at least 15 seconds and then relax your cheeks. Then repeat that at least ten times.

Here is a video about some face exercises for your lips:

For exercises like this, check out Enformy for more exercises as well as diet tips.

Face exercises, while helping to lift up the cheeks as well as the lips, are also good for dark circles around your eyes. This is a problem millions of people deal with. Many of them look to creams and lotions for a solution. However this is often expensive and not terribly effect. If you know you get enough sleep, then that isn’t the problem either.

Here are a couple of things you can try at home. If you don’t have the ingredients, they aren’t expensive so don’t worry about that.

– Drink lots and lots of water. Drink at least 10 glasses a day!

– For a quick homemade cream, mix together some oil like almond oil as well as some delicious honey. Then rub it gently under your eyes.

– Rose water can be mixed with oils as well, and helps to relieve the darkness as well as puffiness.

– I know you’ve heard of using potato slices, but trust me they work! Put them on your eyes for 10 minutes or more.

There are some other natural solutions besides face exercises that can help, and alot of them can be found on a site like

Exercising every day can also be of a great benefit for lots of health problems. You would be amazed at just how many problems it can fix. Just by walking a mere 15 minutes per day, you can really elevate your overall health and help to alleviate any small health problems you may have.

Once you start walking every day, it will become habit and you will realize just how great it is to exercise so much. You will start to feel better and look younger, and you will not want to go more than a day or two without exercising!

When I first started, I hated it. But when I saw the results I was clearly amazed and loved it. So don’t be afraid to start something new and give it a shot. You’ll be surprised at what you are capable of.

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Need Some Help With A New Watch

Finding a new watch really isn’t easy. I’m not one of those people who is looking to spend thousands on a watch, although the thought of getting a vintage Omega Seamaster does appeal to me (if I had the money), but I want a decent watch that looks good, is easy to use and reliable.

Reliability is probably the most important thing to me, as I rely on my watch for all appointments and meetings. A watch I had in the past used to lose a minute or so every week it seemed, which doesn’t sound like a lot but makes a big difference if you forget to change it regularly! I could go for a digital watch, which probably wouldn’t have similar problems, but modern watches are much more reliable than the one I bought a while ago.

So what’s the point in this post?

The reason is that I wanted to get people’s opinions on how to choose a good analogue watch. How did you pick your watch? Where did you get it on? I’m thinking of just going in to the local jewelers and trying some on. I’m looking for a watch for around $200 so I don’t have much to spend, although it should be enough to get a decent watch that looks good (shouldn’t it?).

The other option is to buy online. I’m thinking of buying a watch from somewhere like Amazon, so I can see reviews of the watch and find out what other people have thought. The problem is I don’t always trust those reviews – anyone could have written them, including those selling and manufacturing the watches (maybe I’m just being very paranoid though).

Any tips would be appreciated! I’ll try to consolidate all the info I get into a big guide at some point.

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